Julie Andrews gave me a stroke.


On Saturday night the Hub and I were just home from vacation, had eaten dinner, and were watching MadTV. In it’s 14 years on the air, MadTV has been crappy and it has been brilliant. Lately? Crappy. But on Saturday night, we laughed. Oh, how we laughed.

There was a skit called Ikeaclasts which made fun of the Iconoclast show on the Sundance channel. The show brings together two famous people in diverse areas who then engage in “scintillating” conversation. The skit’s spin was that the two had to assemble an Ikea product, namely the Snurdjmn entertainment center. The best part was when Julie broke into song, ending the ditty with the name of the table.

I started laughing and couldn’t stop. You know when you are laughing so hard you can’t take a breath? I doubled over I was laughing so hard.

Then, I heard Hub calling me. “CHRIS2FER!!” “CHRIS2FER!!” from really far away. I was really confused. I looked around me for a few seconds and didn’t know where I was or who Hub was or anything.

Apparently I was laughing so hard and not breathing so much that when I doubled over and then sat back up, I had such a bad headrush that my brain shut off for about 10 seconds. Hub said that I sat up and was just sitting on the couch with my eyes wide open, hands up, not moving. I think I scared him a bit. Truthfully, it scared me too.

So yeah. Wee! MadTV gave me a petite mal.

Vacation pictures tomorrow!

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