Maryland: Southern, Northern And All Lands Between

Oh, we travelled…

The Hub and I left DC and visited briefly with his Uncle and his husband, and then we saddled up our horse and set out for Southern Maryland. Hubby’s Aunt and Uncle and Grammy and Gramps and Daddy and cousins and other Uncles and other Aunts all live in Southern Maryland. So we visited. And we ate. It’s a thing. After a few days there, we moved on to visit Andrew and Norman, old friends of Hub’s.  

What’s that you say? You want to SEE all of this? Pics!


This is (obviously) a blossom from the most beautiful purple magnolia tree ever. It is in Aunt and Uncle’s yard. They practically live on a nature preserve. All day long, if you wander out to the lawn, forest animals gather around your feet, frolicking and gamboling through the grass. Deer gather flowers and lay them around you. Birds of the air bring you fruit. It’s magical.


These are their mystical singing fish. You can see that a couple of them were breaking into song just as I snapped the picture. I believe it was a ditty about the sea.


I love taking pictures of churches. There is something so beautiful about humble structures that man builds to try to understand the un-understandable. This is on the campus of the college that Hub went to.


And this is a fountain from the same campus. It’s gorgeous. I can picture Hubby sitting here, reading a book on music or trying to memorize a song, watching a handsome guy walk by. Maybe their eyes meet. Maybe a spark is kindled… Hey! Handsome guy! Eyes off. He’s mine. Sheesh.


Grandmother is taking care of an ailing Grampy, so she doesn’t get out as much as she used to. She was wistfully talking about how she used to go to Bingo and how much fun she had. So, Hub and I took her to Bingo. I had never been. Apparently, Grammy is a serious Bingo lady. She has her own Bingo Bag.


I caught on fairly quickly… Eventually I was doing three sheets at once. I had hand cramps after the 4 hour evening, but Grammy had fun, so it was worth it.


This is the Bingo Hall. They are all very serious about Bingo here. People even have little good luck charms that they arrange around their cards. Not that they won. Nope – this woman won. Like, 600 bucks! I tripped her on the way out.

PS – Look at Nike Swoop glaring at me…


Hello! My name is Max, short for Maxwell. I am Andrew and Norman’s new beagle puppy. I am happy to meet you. Perhaps you would like a kiss? Let’s cuddle! Squirmy squirm squirm.


Andrew’s Church. Told you I liked taking pictures of cute little churches.


And this is the interior of the Schmankerl Stube Bavarian restaurant. I love it here. We had sausage and Weiner Schnitzel and Schmankerl Topf and Beer. Mmm. Sausages. All of the wait staff are very German, and they dress like how an American would expect Germans to dress. It’s a little bit of Epcot Center right in Maryland.


Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me.

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever.

Run, Kids! The Nazi’s are coming!!!


This is Jason, our waiter. He was very, very German, and we loved him for it. At one point he was placing a plate of food in front of Norman, and he said “I will put it down”. Norman started to take the plate, and Jason repeated “I will put it down”. When Norman kept his hand on the plate, Jason barked “MOVE YOUR HAND!”. We all peed a little.


This is the scary alley way that you have to park in to get to the best food in all of Maryland…

krunkiesKrumpe’s Donuts! They are open from 7:00 pm until 2:00 am every night. They don’t care about your need for donuts in the morning! The donuts are so good that you get them the night before, and you are happy about it! And they are right. I gladly will stand in line in a crack-y back alley in order to get one of their delicious confections. Mmm.

The next morning, Hubby and I made the (long) trip back to Portland. Ah, vacation. You leave me both refreshed and exhausted.

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