Thank You Amy!

Thank you.

I don’t think that I say it enough. I want to be a more grateful person. I have so much to be thankful for, and I have been given so many wonderful thing in my life. So? I am going to start here. Now. The first in a series. My thanks.


 In 1996  I was travelling with one of my Summer Ministries teams, in college. This was the end of my 3rd summer of travelling on one of these teams, and I was tired. I had reached the end of my ability to care about teenagers. I was burned out of my joy. I was going through the motions. I needed a friend.

We had been at a teen camp for about 3 or 4 days, singing and counseling and generally being there for the kids if they needed us. We were gearing up for a trip with the teens to a nearby amusement park the next day, which was exciting, but I had to get through the evening service concert. I remember feeling like I just could not do it again.

Then, a friend of mine who had graduated a couple years before walked in. I rushed over and hugged her. We sat and talked and I’m sure I whined about my life and the teens and my team and the fact that I was going to an amusement park the next day, but that I had no money (Summer Min only gives you 5 dollars of spending money a week). And she listened. And she helped. She talked me through it. She gave me hope that it would all be alright. She appreciated me. Not for what I could give; she didn’t need anything from me. She gave. When we stood up to part, I felt refreshed and ready. We hugged, and she shoved 10 bucks into my pocket.

Thank you, Amy (Ruggiero) Silvia. You were a friend to me when I really needed one, and I neglected to tell you at the time. Thank you.

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One Response to Thank You Amy!

  1. amester says:

    Do you really need to make me cry first thing in the morning?

    Thanks so much for just being you Chris. It is the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself-or those that love you!

    loving you,

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