A Conversation in Target – Sabrina & Chris2fer

On the plus side, a Target visit is never a bad thing…

S: I need to pick out something for my two nieces for Easter.

C: Cute dresses? Remember last year when we picked out those dresses and they were ecstatic?

S: Sure. How about this t-shirt and shorts?

C: That’s not a dress. How about this? <Holds up cute dress>

S: Well… I’m not sure that it would fit.

C: Well, why don’t you call their mother and ask what size they are?

S: I could…

C: …Are you going to?

S: No.

C: Why?

S: I don’t know.

C: But what if the clothes you buy don’t fit?

S: Then I guess they’ll be coming back to Target, wont they?

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