Yeah, She knows…

Hi Amy!

Here are the first three shuffle songs from my ipod this morning.

1. Hard Enough Getting Over You – Cher


I first heard this album in my best friend Amy’s basement, in high school. We were as close as a gay kid and his best girlfriend could be, allowing for the fact that I was not yet out and she was crushing on me. Sigh. We would sit and listen to this album over and over, me doing my best impression of Cher. In retrospect, she might have known…

2. Save The Best For Last – Vanessa Williams


Ok, this is weird. This was Amy’s and my song. I remember she played it for me late one Friday night. She told me that she always thought of me when she heard it. I kind of just ignored her when she said that. Awkward.

Amy passed away a couple years later, and this song took on new meaning for me. I guess she is still saying hi. Hi, Ame!

3. I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross



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