Glittery Goodness

Guess Who?

I watched the American Idol results show last night, and I had a couple things weighing on my brain…

1. Jennifer Hudson looks amazing. She sounds amazing. She gives Weecreast a great interview – girl can deliver a soundbite. However. Her song was crap. Has anyone listened to her album? P.U. Where is the Jennifer Hudson album of my dreams, filled with soaring power ballads? Right me off as uninspired if you want, but that album would be # 1.

2. Mylie Cyrus is a screecher monkey.  Firstly, she is 16 years old and trying to look 35. Nice gown, M. Secondly, she has a deeper voice than Barry White. Thirdly, they piped so much fog onto the stage that we completely lost the audience. And lastly – what is with her hair tossing? It looked like a cheap 80s porno. Totally tasteless. Oh, Fifthly. She cannot sing. Stop it, America.

3. Zack Effron was in the audience. Now that he is getting older, I find myself drawn to him.  Yes, he has redonkulous hair and he is built like an elf and I don’t think that he needs to shave his face yet, but Huh. There’s something. PS – I fully know how embarrassing this admission is. Please be kind.

4. And lastly, this is for my friend Lisa. Can you guess who this is? HINT: It is a current American Idol contestant. No, not Lil!


Adam LambertOh, mADAM.

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4 Responses to Glittery Goodness

  1. Linda says:

    OMG, it’s Adam!

  2. Sabs says:

    Miley C can’t sing. I listened to the first few notes and fast forwarded. Plus, J Hud would have been better had she sung a different song with a band and back up singers instead of just singing to a pre-recorded track. I actually like her album (well most of it. NOT the song she sings with Fantasia, yuck.)

  3. Lisa says:

    There is nothing you can show me that will make me love HIM less…HER less….well,you know what I mean.

    But I might love YOU less….


  4. Tony R says:

    are those KISS boots?

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