A Normal Weekend, Really

Bullet Points for ease of reading:
  • The Hubby and I watched Slumdog Millionaire on Friday night. I had tissues all set up around me in preparation for the “best movie of the year” as I was informed by all of my friends. All I have to say is “eh”. Sorry!
  • Hubby and Sabrina and I went to Zee Zee’s for brunch on Saturday morning. She made an amazing french toast casserole thingy from Epicurious. Once I make it, I will post. It was awesome. Also, the fruit salad was filled with bananas. Ready for a bad pun? I’m banana’s for bananas! You’re welcome.
  • Sister Kristin and Sabrina and I were downtown in Sab’s car on Saturday night when I felt this warm wetness on my arm. It looked like I had been spat on from one of the tall buildings that we were driving by. However, SK noticed that there was fresh bird poo on the window, and that was what was on my arm (good aim, birdy. Well played). I was relieved that it was not spit. Is that wrong? Thankfully, Sabs had some Windex Wipes in the car that I used to clean it off.
  • We ate at Margarita’s across from the Civic Center. A large flock of hockey players who had lost some game or tournament or something were there, all drunk and disorderly. Also, some out of town boys sat next to us and stared inappropriately at Sister Kristin. She said it was disturbing but I think she was secretly pleased with the attention.
  • SK and Sabs and I walked down Warf Street after din din to facillitate digestion. And possibly to find a chocolate vendor. Every second building was vacant. It made me sad. Do you think that we will lose the momentum of a thriving downtown?
  • That night Sabrina and Hubby and I watched Religulous. I do not recommend for those who wish to keep their faith. Yowza.
  • Sunday morning a car alarm woke us at 6 am. DEATH.
  • I went to Chili’s with Mom and Sister Kristin for Sunday lunch. I had the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger, which I love. Come on! Brown sugar and chili rubbed bacon? Yes. A thousand times yes.
  • I had dinner with Coreyander on Sunday night, at her house. After, we walked to Beals for ice cream, with her recently shaved border collie Daisy. You would have thought that we were walking a monkey on a leash down the street for all the whispering and gasps of people. Come on, folks! It’s just a naked border collie with a mane like a lion! Normal!

And what did you do this weekend?

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One Response to A Normal Weekend, Really

  1. Coreyander says:

    I protest! People were not whispering about her! They were whispering about you! Because you heard voices coming from a fire hydrant!

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