Random Thoughts 16

Random McArbitrary

1. I think that an appropriate symptom for the swine flu would be for your nose to swell into a snout.

2. Adam Lambert sings like I think Jesus would.

3. Why do I most believe in God when I am frightened in the middle of the night?

4. What color should I paint our upstairs office?

5. Does anyone know how to wire a dimmer switch onto a three way circuit? I did it wrong and now one of our outlets also dims…

6. Yesterday on Warren Ave, when I was stopped for the incredibly infuriating forever ongoing nebulous construction project of death, my car registered that it was 102 degrees outside. In April. Global Warming! We’re all gonna die!

7. I made Macaroni salad last night. Eh. Hub made spare ribs on the grill. Mmm.

8. I was promoted at work yesterday. Wee!

9. Sandi Patty was on the Dove Awards this weekend. She sounded tired. She’s getting old, and it shows. And you know it kills me to say that.

10. I am going to the Opera this weekend. These are our seats! And yes, they are in the second row…


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3 Responses to Random Thoughts 16

  1. Linda says:

    Congratulations on your promotion Christopher.

    Paint suggestion…..Red Cent (Sherwin Williams). SW has an online color visualizer and it’s a great tool to use when looking for paint colors…..

  2. Lisa says:

    Congrats on the PROMO!!! I agree about the ADAM and JESUS thing….
    finally, you know despite the pictures you try to annoy me with on a weekly basis…that I still love you….since I called you about your girl Sandy….

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