The Bartered Bride

We sat so close that at one point the dancers were lifting the girls up and I saw their Spanx. Yeah. Thanx for the Spanx.

On Sunday afternoon the Hubby and I piled into the XTerra and went to Boston to see an opera. Before we started out, we visited Starbucks to get Hubster a bit of liquid refreshment. The time was 12:18 when we pulled out of Starbucks, Hub’s Cinnamon Dolce Latte Non-Fat With Whip steaming in the cup holder. This is important. 12:18.

We parked the car in a parking garage in downtown Boston (Chinatown, specifically) at 1:47. I’m not kidding. Figure it out. We had to have beat some land speed record, or something.

We had front row tickets to see “The Bartered Bride”. I had never heard of it, but it was set in the last 100 years, it was in English, and it is the national opera of Czechoslovakia. It had to be a little good, right? Yes. YES.

If you get a chance to see this opera, go see it. See it in English. Not only is the music amazing and over the top and John Williams-ish and slightly Carmina Burana-esque, but it is incredibly funny. It’s all about love and schemes and misunderstandings and arranged marriages and gypsies and the circus and one incredible guy who stutters. What more could you want?

At several times during the performance one character or another sat on the right side of the stage, directly in front of my seat. Like, 4 feet from me. The lead guy was sitting there trying to act all petulant at one point in the show, and he happened to glance at me. I looked away quickly, but when I looked back he was staring at me. It was unnerving but cool. We connected. We’re best friends, now.

After our fantastic afternoon of music we decided to hop back into the car and head home, finding a place to eat dinner on the way. I thought that we would try that giant forbidden city looking place on Rt 1 in Saugus, now called Jin’s. My Grampy took the family there after I graduated from college, and it was amazing. Yeah – not so much, anymore. It is weirdly empty, like dining in an abandoned castle. The food was little better than Wok In. I do not recommend.

Aside from dinner, though – we had an amazing afternoon of opera. If you have a chance, go see the Bartered Bride. Maybe Hubby will drive you! You’ll be there before you know it. Heck, you’ll be there before you leave!

PS – Thanks for a great afternoon, Hub. Love you!

PPS – This is the website of my new best friend who stared at me… Patrick Miller, “Tenor”

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