American Idol & The Biggest Loser


Can we talk for a minute about The Goke going home? I was really looking forward to a battle rout between The Goke and mAdam. Come on, America! Kris Allen? Really? We just don’t have enough bland pointless soft rock wannabes? We need one more tiny quasi-sexual plaything of 13 year old girls? One more neutered Yaoi character ready to warble anything set in front of it? Well, I guess so. Bye, The Goke. You were the better of 2 evils.

Everyone got to visit home this week, and it was kinda telling… Goke and Krissy had massive turnouts in their little towns, while mAdam enjoyed a more subdued homecoming in San Diego. Also – where was mAdam’s family? You would have thought that by now even those who shunned him for his nail polish shiny hair heel wearing ways would be clamoring for some of the eventual riches. But no – mAdam was stuck talking to radio show hosts and half empty auditoriums. Good thing he will be salved with the adoration of millions when he wins. And he better.

Jordin Sparks came on and yelled her way through something, and some African child sang about giving 5 dollars to charity, and Katy Perry did her best impression of Lady GaGa, and it was all eh. Plus – what happened to Idol Gives Back? I loved that last year.

Anywho – Kris and mAdam in the top two. Poor Kris.


I haven’t talked about The Biggest Loser too much on here, so I will keep my comments fairly brief. Feel free to skip this part if you want. (Don’t you dare.)

So, Helen won. She looks like she is anorexic, but she won. Which sucks. Tara should have won. I mean, Tara won almost every challenge. She was never in the bottom two. She worked HARD. She deserved it. But Helen won. Harumph. That is my disgruntled sound. Haiku. That is a type of poem.

Helen is too thin

Poor Tara should have won all

But Bob is still hot


Oh, Shuddup.

Also, for Lisa:


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2 Responses to American Idol & The Biggest Loser

  1. Lisa says:

    As I said to George just today….”don’t you think he looked straight this week”….I think he has jumped the fence….and your pictures are getting straighter and straighter…by the time he WINS he is mine.

    Seriously, the GOKES votes could go to Kris…and then what…

    And finally, I agree on the BL – Tara should have gotten it for her OUTSTANDING performance the WHOLE time….another annoyance!

  2. Hubby says:

    I predict an upset with Kris winning.

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