Sea Dog Brewing Company

Place: Seadog Brewing Co.
Time: 9:30am, Sunday May 17th, 2009
With: Sabrina & Hubby
Where: 125 Western Ave, South Portland, Maine

On Sunday morning Sabrina, Hubby and I were looking to get some brekie before trekie. You see, we needed to eat before we went to see Star Trek. Ha! Brekie before trekie. Awesome.

Sabrina suggested the Sea Dog Brewing Company, as it says, right on the side of the building, that they serve breakfast (all day). I’m thinking that maybe they should stick to advertising their beer… Oops! Gave the ending away…

Sea Dog is located in the old Eggspectations building by the mall.  They have change the interior a bit – gone are the artful metal sculptures (aww…) gone are the giant paintings of jesters (bye!) and gone is the egg motif (good). Well, almost gone. One pillar had several metal rods still hanging near the top. It’s like a sad little nod to the past. They have also closed in the kitchen and put up a new wall near the door. We arrived during a staff meeting in the entrance hallway apparently, about 8 red shirted waiters and waitresses refused to move for us as we struggled our way to our table. Hmm.

The breakfast menu is one page; there are not very many choices. I’m thinking that the owners (shrewdly) decided to offer breakfast to try and keep the Eggspectations customers coming. However, the owners (not so shrewdly) didn’t hire someone to do anything interesting with the food.

Sabrina ordered scrambled eggs with bacon. It came with homefries and toast. Although it was admittedly not a fascinating choice, you would have thought that they could have gotten the basics correct. Nope! The homefries were weirdly soggy. They were wet and not crispy.

Hubby ordered the Corn Beef Hash, which the menu touted was filled with “chunks of root vegetables”. Again, Nope! There were flecks of carrot sprinkled over some beef. Thankfully it was not canned corn beef. That said, Fail!

I had the tomato, bacon and cheddar omelet with one chocolate chip pancake and homefries. The omelet was excellent – just as I like it: the eggs were firm and there was plenty of filling. The homefries were the same as Sab’s – soggy, pale, warmish lumps. The pancake was overdone, but they did sprinkle it with cinnamon powdered sugar, which was a nice touch.

Our waitress was very sweet. She kept the coffee filled and the food was delivered quickly. We didn’t have to wait on her at all. She didn’t really make an impression other than good service, which is fine. You don’t have to be friends with everyone that gives you water.

At the end of the meal, we decided that we will not be going back to the Sea Dog Brewing Co for breakfast again. The lunch and dinner menu looked fine, but I think the only real reason anyone would want to go there would be for beer.

In a city like Portland (and it’s surrounding suburbs), there are just too many excellent places to go for breakfast to waste it on the Sea Dog.

2 out of 5 starts.

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