Random Thougts 17


1. Last night’s finale concert on American Idol was just meh. The songs were boring and the singers were bland. Plus, that HORRIBLE song that Kara wrote for the winner didn’t sit right in either Adam or Kris’s voice. Way to write a song that one of the most gifted singers ever cannot sing, Kara. I almost find myself not really caring who wins.

2. Although both Hubby and I voted for Adam.

3. I watched Glee last night. I think I will have to dedicate a whole blog to it. Short story, it was awesome. I loved it. It perfectly evoked the high-school music nerd existence. I cried. Also – It firmly reiterated that Journey is one of the best bands ever.

4. I have pulled 2 of the steri strips off of my leg. They were overlapped onto others, and so they pulled up a little, and were getting gross. I’m fairly sure you are not supposed to have something stuck to you for over a week. Ew. On the plus side, the incision doesn’t look too bad.

5. I am realizing, the more I work for a large corporation, the more Dilbertian it actually is. Dilbert is not so much a comic as a treatise on business dynamics. Sigh.

6. The first three songs on my Ipod this morning: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Wham!), Jehovah (Amy Grant), Nasty Naughty Boy (Christina).

7. I came to the realization that the people who are living in the house that I grew up in and which I someday had always hoped to re-own have irrevocably wrecked the house. It looks run down and neglected. It is visibly broken. I no longer want it. Sad.

8. $2.50 fish sandwiches at Susan’s Fish and Chips are simply perfect for dinner. Mmm.

9. We pulled up the fence in our backyard and it has never looked better or more open. I love it. If only I could stop having diarrhea about Grady escaping…

10. I think I need a hug today.

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5 Responses to Random Thougts 17

  1. Hubby says:


  2. Linda says:

    here’s your hug!

  3. M says:

    Oh, I got a hug for ya Mister!!!

    AND…OMG….I watched Glee and LOVES it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And me, the one who doesn’t like musicals!!!! LOVES IT!

  4. Sister says:

    I will hug you as long as you stop having diarrhea…cuz eeewww! 😛

  5. Jen says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Here are some hugs for ya..

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