Memorial Day Weekend, 2009

Wonder at my Meaty-ness…

On Friday night Hubby and I went to Jess & Matt’s for dinner, and Jess grilled Country Ribs. You know what they are? Giant tenderloin style boneless ribs marbled with delicious fatty goodness, then grilled to perfection with Beal St BBQ sauce, served with Tabouli salad (refreshing!) and lettuce salad (healthy!). It was excellent.

On Saturday afternoon Sabrina, Sister Kristin, Hubby and I went to Mary & Rob’s for RIBFEST 2009. Rob is the master of bone-in ribs. He makes his own dry rub, which he grinds into each and every morsel of meat, and he makes his own BBQ sauce, which is slathered on every boney bit. He made 4 racks of ribs. Giant racks. We had a platter piled 10 inches high with ribs. As well as SK’s mexican layer dip (with those awesome lime tortilla chips), Sab’s delectable Pasta salad, Corn on the cob, Mary’s homemade Baked Beans, and to finish it all off, my world famous Snicker’s Cake.

On Sunday Hubby, Sister Kristin and I went to Mom & Dad’s for Mexican Taco lunch with no bake cookies. That night, after seeing Angels and Demons, we went to Denny’s. What? It was 9 pm in Maine. NOTHING ELSE IS OPEN. And yes, it was grody. Next time we’ll go hungry.

On Monday I had breakfast with Coreyander. She made her famous French Toast. And Eggs. And Sausage. It was just awesome. On Monday afternoon I went to Sabrina’s family’s Memorial Day cookout (which masquerades as an “Open Our Pool” party. Sneaky). We had Beef tenderloin. And Pork tenderloin. And Corn on the cob. And Caesar salad. And Potato salad. And Chocolate chip cookies.

And now? I have an appointment with my surgeon this afternoon to finalize my leg issues, and I’m hoping he gives me the OK to bike again. ‘Cause I need to move my fatass.

Much Love!

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2 Responses to Memorial Day Weekend, 2009

  1. Scott says:

    Just wanted to say that I think “Sister Kristin” is a hilarious moniker. Well played (and say hi for me).

    • chris2fer says:

      Hi Scott! She noticed and called me at work. Who is Scott, asked SK. I informed, and sent her to your blog. And thanks, I love that name too. BTW, hi to yours!

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