One Singular Sensation

You know you’ll never be lonely with you know who…

Saturday was a perfect evening for a visit to beautiful Ogunquit. We drove down, happily singing along with Mr. Ipod, making wind-wings with our hands out the windows. The sun was still shining and the weather was a magical late May warmth that refreshed but didn’t oppress. As I said, a perfect evening.

Gypsy Sweethearts1

We were informed by the Lovely Kelly to try a place called Gypsy Sweethearts for dinner. We almost drove past it since it just looks like a house with a particularly nice garden off to the side. When we went in we asked if the garden seating was open, and were happily escorted there.

Gypsy Sweethearts

The garden is all tiny lights and ferns and giant lilac bushes and garden tables. There were 4 tables outside, gleefully set in the midst of the green. Our table was against the tiny-fairy-light-lit lilacs. The smell was amazing, and a perfect compliment to the dinner. As twilight fell, the little lights became more prominent and our evening more magical. I enjoyed an herby Fillet Mignon, while the Hub had a Lobster, Cream and Lemon dish over pasta. We shared a Panko covered Goat Cheese spread. It was a tish pricey, but made up for it in ambiance. It was a very romantic night – I fell in love with Hub a little more over dinner.

Gypsy Sweethearts2

After, we hopped into the Hubmobile and drove about a mile down the road to the Ogunquit Playhouse. We had tickets to A Chorus Line, you see. Starring Lorenzo Lamas. Who, apparently, The Hub had a crush on in high school. I guess I missed the boat on that one. He just looks like a long haired skeezer to me, but I guess I can see how he was once the hotty-hottest.

The show was a wonderful surprise. Most of the cast had been in the Broadway revival in 2006. I was stunned by the level of talent. They were all amazing dancers, singers, and actors. If you get a chance, go see this show. It is playing until June 13th.

All in all, it was a memorable date night. It’s nice that we still can just enjoy each other’s company, after 5 years.

Love you, Husband!


And here, for the Hub’s enjoyment, are some pictures that I found…

Lorenzo Lamas Grease

Lorenzo was in the movie Grease! He was Sandy’s jock boyfriend.

Lorenzo Lamas 80s

Pout, Lorenzo, pout. Perfect.

Lorenzo Lamas Speedo

I’m beginning to see the attraction…

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One Response to One Singular Sensation

  1. M says:

    Long haired skeezer now….but was hottie mc yum yum as Lance on Falcon Crest….which was on tv probably before you were born.

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