A Conversation With Sabs

It’s True!

This is the actual, unretouched, unabridged, unfiltered transcript of a recent conversation that I had with Sabrina. This occurred Sunday morning, 9:00 am, on our way to Hot Suppa and Target. It takes place in my driveway, when I am about to get into Sabrina’s car…

C: You’d think that in your 20 minute drive over here you would remember that I need a place to sit and would have cleaned the seat off.

S: I know, I know. Just let me move this here sneaker set, golf outfit, purse, iPod, bit of trash and water bottle out of your seat.

C: It appears that you spilled some water onto the seat. Do you have anything to sop it up with?

S: Just sit in it. No one will notice the giant wet spot that it will cause on your bottom. Besides, it will probably dry in the 8 minutes it takes to get to Hot Suppa, right?

C: No, probably not. How about I use this cotton hat that you have back here?

S: No! That is my golf hat, one of 3 that I currently have in the car, and I need to wear it in 5 hours.

C: So, you would rather that I sit in the water and soak my bum than use this hat which will actually dry by the time that you need it?

S: Yes.

C: I’d really rather not.

S: Baby-fit. Just get in.

C: I don’t understand why I can’t just use this rag that is sitting here to dry the seat?


C: Ok, ok. Sheesh.

And that’s what really happened. No matter what Sabrina writes in the comments.

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One Response to A Conversation With Sabs

  1. M says:

    you two bicker like an old married couple! It’s adorable!

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