Who’s a Wubba Puppy Love?

You are! You are!

On Saturday morning Mary and Rob became the proud parent’s to a little girl named Stella. She is 8 months old and just about as cute as could be imagined. The Hub and I visited with her yesterday morning, and I brought my camera along to capture every kodak moment.

Everyone? Welcome Stella!

Stella Grass

When we first got there she was a little shy, and she tried to hide in the grass next to a brightly colored bird. Perhaps a flamingo?

Stella Visit 6

Eventually I lured her over with promises of kisses and hugs and rubbins. As you can see, she is a sucker for a good head rubbin.

Stella Visit 4


Stella Visit 3

Sometimes it is exhausting to be so very cute. Trust me, I know.

Grady perch
As contrast, here is my little prince, perched on his favorite throne. He’s got some competition for the cute crown, I think!

Congratulations, Mary & Rob. She is a lovely little girl!

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2 Responses to Who’s a Wubba Puppy Love?

  1. Stella's Mama says:

    We are head over heels for her!!!!! Even Mr. “I don’t want a dog” was caught snorgling with her last night…face buried into her awesome smelling puppy fur….and although he denies it….he was kissing her on the top of her cute little head.

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