Kathy Griffin : My Life On The D-List

Episode 1, Season 5

At this point it is almost absurd that this show is called my Life on the D-List. She is at least B-List. If not A, really.  Kath (we’re besties and that’s what she insists I call her) is selling out giant auditoriums and everyone knows who she is (even if they just know her as  “that mean comedy lady”). She lives in a gorgeous mansion and always takes limos and come one, people. D-listers take their rusty AMC Pacers to gigs.

I think that Kathy gets it, too. It seems that this season will be the guest star year, which is a good thing, Martha. Kathy has needed to change it up lately, and this is a good direction. And a great first step? Hanging out with Bette Midler.

Kathy and Bette

Kathy and Bette hang out for most of this episode, chatting backstage and having dinner in Bette’s apartment at  Caesar’s Palace. And to her credit, Kathy does not tone down her antics. She is just as bawdy and inappropriate as we would like. Bette, on the other hand, spends most of the time with a faint look of disdain and aloofness on that iconic face.

Case in point? Kathy asks Bette if “Wind Beneath My Wings” was about farts. She said that some of her “straights” needed to know. And Bette, instead of laughing and giggling and running with the bit, shoots a patented “Midler’s pissed” glare (you know the one. She does it in all the 80’s movies. Go see Big Business) at Kathy and tells her to move on. Um, ok? Way to ruin the buzz, Bette. Who peed on your caviar covered pizza?

Bette unhappy

Kathy, of course, rolls with the punches and takes Bette out to get a fried Twinky. And that’s why I love her. Even when dining with disdainful celebroyalty, she shows her humanness. She strives to show a good time. And she always makes me laugh.

Kathy + Chris2fer 4-Eva

PS – Join me in Boston on Friday night, we’re gonna see Kathy at the Wang!

PPS – Heh. Wang.

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