The Tony Awards 2009

A Retrospective in Pictures

On Sunday night The Hub and I settled down to watch the Tonys, kinda halfheartedly, since they had been only so-so in the past few years. Except for Hugh Jackman, of course (I Love you, Hugh! Call me!). Well, thank God we did. What a fabulous show! In all the good and (even more awesome) bad ways.

Neil Patrick Harris Tonys

Hello, I’m Neil Patrick Harris (NPH), the best host for any show. I am self deprecating and charming. You will love me. <quirky head tilt>


This guy was in Hair, and he jumped up on the arms of an (occupied) seat and sang and was all bohemian and crap. Hubby said that he had no desire to see the show, but I do. Hot half dressed guys? Sign me up.


I was sad that the cast of Hair didn’t get naked like they do in the show. But maybe they did? It’s just  a guess, but I’m thinking that this performer was naked under his tassels. That pointing man was happy!

Liza Tonys

Of course, Dame Liza was there, croaking her way through a number that we all had to clap like mad-people and stand up for. I love her, she’s an icon, but please stop singing.

Dolly Parton Tonys

Dolly Parton was there, she came out to sing 9-5, my favorite Dolly song of all time. I squealed and clapped. And maybe peed just a bit. LOVE!

Dolly Tonys Close up

Plus, come one. You look this good (if a tish surprised) when you’re 63.

Allison Janney

Allison Janney should always do this to her hair. She looks pretty and sexy. I love her. Do you remember her in the West Wing? And the Prop 8 Musical!


During the beginning number they hadn’t yet figured out the mystery of microphones, so the gangs in West Side Story just muttered threats softly to each other.

Bret 1

This is the most awesome moment of the show. In the first number montage, Bret Michaels (Poison) has just finished lip syncing and starts to strut back stage. Unfortunately, he does not notice the 2 ton Broadway sign rapidly approaching his head… Let’s do this…

 Bret Michaels Tonys 3 Bret Michaels Tonys 4 Bret Michaels Tonys 5

And, then a quick fade to…

Stockard Channing Tonys

The wondrous Stockard Channing, who calmly stepped over the broken form of Michaels and continued the show. Stellar!

Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth was there, dress barely covering her nipples. Oh! They played “Taylor, The Latte Boy” as her lead in. Sigh. I love that song.

The Billys

The boys who played Billy Elliot won Best Actor, deservedly. Doesn’t that one on the end look like the young Tom Hanks in Big?

Billy Tonys Dance

Happily, Billy Elliot won for Best Musical. Which it is. You need to see it. Go now!

PS – Bret Michaels is fine, so I hear. Feel free to laugh without guilt!

PPS – This is our local CBS news lady who kept cutting in for anouncements. What look you going for here, Catherine (Parrotta)? The Tammie Fay?Catherine Parrotta

Britney does News?

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