Boston Mini-Break

Fully Illustrated!

On Friday morning Sabrina, Hubby and I gathered up Grady, deposited him at the spa, and vacated down to Boston for the night. I love small breaks. They don’t cost a mint and you can feel all get-awayish. We did things, we saw things, we laughed, we cried (from laughter), we ate. You know. The usual.


We stayed at the Custom House Hotel. It had this beautiful living room separated by 2 doors from the Master Bedroom, so Sabrina didn’t have to listen to Hub or me snore. We also brought a fan to drown out the noise of our snoring. Yeah – we snore wicked loudly.


Master Bedroom, with tiny window that we could use to fire arrows out of. I learned something from the Lord of the Rings movies.


The view from our windows. That is the end of Faneuil Market there. We almost went to the Roisin Pub, but didn’t. Good story.


Boston was flying their Pride high and pretty. It worked – it made me proud.


You can tell that it was a fancy hotel ’cause they had Bath & Body Works toiletries. Which strangely disappeared as we were packing to leave…


This was taken on the observation deck high in the sky of Boston on our Hotel. This is a Peregrine Falcon who had made this spot his (her?) home. It kept a keen eye on Sabrina the whole time, which is smart. Sabrina is shifty.


Faneuil Hall


This is the Old North Church (one if by land, two if by sea). Notice my mad photo skillz…


We had some time to kill before our evening plans, so we haggled with a tour guy and decided to go on a Trolley Tour. He sold us one adult ticket (Sabrina)…


One Child ticket (me, of course)…


And a “Special” ticket for the Hub. Heh.


This was advertised as the only trolley tour in Boston with 100% PADED SEATS. All the others were a lesser percentage, which, as you can imagine, was unacceptable to our rears.


A decoration left over from Crown Day? The Princess Festival? Glittery Mountains & Shooting Stars Appreciation Week? Who knows.


I like this building. I like the cut of its jib.


Abandoned Factory. Possibly where a criminal mastermind is plotting to take over the world. Or, maybe just where homeless people go to pee and fight off other homeless people who are trying to take their shoes.


Light and dark. …Or, Shadows and light (Which is the name of a Wilson Phillips album. Trivia!)


The famous giant teakettle. It was spewing steam, which Sabrina thought was just amazing. My camera neglected to capture that moment.

Tea 2

…So I reproduced it for you. Never say I’m not a giver.


I call this one The Juxtaposition of Old & New Boston Captured By Sunlight.


And then, we went back to the Hotel and changed for our evening’s festivities. Which I shall detail tomorrow, loyal readers!

Giant Hug for all of you!

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One Response to Boston Mini-Break

  1. luvflamingos says:

    MAD photo skills….and you’re a fine “swosh” drawer as well! Can’t wait for the details of the evening activities!!!

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