Kathy Griffin

…is my goddess now!

After the Trolley Tour (please see yesterday’s post) we went back to our fabulous hotel, rested up for about an hour, changed into swanky clothes, and walked to the Wang (hee!) Center to see our favorite comedian of all time, Kathy Griffin! I just love her. She’s so snarky and cool. She’s like that cool kid that you were a little afraid to be friends with in gradeschool, ’cause she might talk smack about you, but you did it anyway because she’s funny and its better to be friends with the bully. But mostly because of the funny. 

Kathy at the Wang 2

Not at all airbrushed…

How Close

The Hub came through and scored us second row tickets, center. We were actually over the pit, in chairs. I could have touched her. You know, if I had stood up and walked forward 5 feet, dodged her giant security guards, grabbed her pant leg and then ran like a crazy person.

Kathy Griffin 1

I may have touched up the softness here. You’re welcome, Ms Griffin.

Kathy Griffin 2

This is her evil smile. She looks like this when she talks about celebrity peesh or Barbra Walters.

Kathy Griffin 3

And this is her impression of her Mom, Maggie. For anyone who has ever seen the show, can’t you hear her voice? TIP IT!

Kathy Griffin 4

Kathy defies all common sense and talks poop about god. I mean Oprah.

Kathy Griffin 5

Topics covered:

  1. The Beauty of the Wang Center
  2. The Howard Stern Show and Larry King Live Show visits
  3. The Real Housewives of everywhere…
  4. Suze Orman
  5. Oprah
  6. Chastity Bono becoming Chas Bono
  7. Sarah Palin and David Letterman

She was so funny that I permanently disfigured my face from laughing.

Thank you, Kathy, for a great evening! Hugs from your Maine Gays!

Old City Hall

This is the courtyard of Old City Hall, where we dined after the concert.

Ruth's Chris

If you have never been to a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse , try to find one ( save up all your money) and go have a steak. But beware! They serve the steak on plates that have been heated to 500 degrees (seriously). I rested my fork against the plate for a half a second, and when I put it in my mouth there was a Tsss! sound and my tongue fell out.


Ben Franklin was watching over the courtyard. The whole space was really beautiful, and exactly what I want my backyard to look like. But with a statue of ME.

Old City Hall 2

Again with my love of old buildings. Plus, doesn’t this look a bit creepy? Yeah. I would totally live here.

Old City Hall 3

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