Random Thoughts 18

 And I’ve got such a long way to go… to make it to the border of Mexico…

1. This Will.I.Am vs. Perez Hilton fight is Ludacris (see what I did there?). I would be pissed it someone called me a faggot. Although I would not punch that person, I can see how someone with a less laid-back attitude might. Perez seems to be (finally?) reaping a little of the bile that he spews. My thought? No one is in the right. Hug it out, boys.


2. Kathy Griffin hanging out with Paula Dean makes for some good TV, y’all. Kathy and Michael McDonald (the comic, not the crooner) had a sleep over at Paula’s house on the last episode of Kathy’s show. They roomed together and kept each other up with horrible, nasty (incredibly funny) insults and put-downs. And Paula can be a little dirty, too. She was talking about whether she was a swallower or a spitter. Wha? PAULA?


3. Is it wrong that I want Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald (crooner) and Kenny Loggins to record an album together a la Dolly, Emmylou and Linda? Oh, it is? Huh.

Mike chriscross Kenny

4. Chris Brown pled guilty to beating Rihanna and got 5 years probation and 6 months of community service. Hey, Jury – Did you see Rihanna after that “fight”? She looked like hamburger. Kid should be put away for a bit. Also – people – do not buy his next album…

Domestic Violence

5. Hub and I played Wii Sports a couple days ago and I am sore. It’s a sad commentary on how badly I need to get it in gear and move!


6. There is almost nothing on TV right now. We are actually considering turning off the cable. The problem is that we have it bundled with our internet and phone. Has anyone done this? Can it be unbundled without losing the good price?


7. I picked out new glasses at the eye doctor yesterday. Luckily I had (for the first time) signed up with my company’s flexible spending account, so I had the money. They look cool, and reign in the “egginess” of my face. I was a little worried that they were too much like the Hub’s, but eh. He has a head of hair and I don’t. People wont confuse us.


8. On Saturday the cousins sat around the table and played with Wikki Stix. Do you remember them? They are basically yarn covered in wax. You mold them into fun shapes. I made a little church. I also attached them to my fingers like claws. Kinda like what we used to do with Bugles. Lordy, but we had fun. It’s a little embarrassing.


9. If it does not stop raining soon I think I may stay permanently pruned. My face cloth hasn’t dried in weeks. My clothes come out of the dryer still damp, after 2 hours of drying. Our sump pump has been running nonstop for weeks, not to mention our de-humidifier. The sheets feel moist. It’s disgusting. Stop it. Need sun.


10. After our trips to New York, Washington D.C. and Maryland already this year, we are trying to come up with a fun local destination for a 3 day weekend. Any thoughts?

3 day

Music for the day:
This Is It (Live!) – Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins
Ride Like the Wind – Christopher Cross & Michael McDonald

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One Response to Random Thoughts 18

  1. Scott says:

    6. They’ll take away the “discount,” but it’ll still be a lot cheaper than paying for TV. But check into their ultra-basic tier. For about $10/month, we get a handful of channels and the digital signal we need.

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