Musicals and Romantic Comedies

…are gay.

Recently I had the pleasure of watching three things that I wanted to bring to your attention. And yes, two of them are musicals (Martha, commere! He’s being all GAY again!). Oh, hunker down. The real gay comes later.

1. In 1970 Stephen Sondheim brought “Company” to Broadway. It was a vignette musical, centered on the character of Bobby celebrating his 35th birthday, and his many wacky married friends. (I also turned 35 this year. It means something to turn 35… Anyway.) The music is classically Sondheim – a vocal workout, but weirdly lyrical and easily the most singable of his plays. The Hub and I watched a 2006 revival that had the actors also playing the orchestra instruments. It was amazing. Bobby’s story of growing into an adult at 35 is captivating. I recommend. You can Netflix it…

2. Last night I watched “Chess” in concert on Great Performances. It starred Adam Pascal (from Rent), Idina Menzel (from Wicked) and Josh Groban (from the Hub’s fantasies). Are you familiar? It is a musical from the early 80s surrounding the exciting and intrigue filled world of professional chess championships. “Wha?” you say? Yes, I also was confused. But no longer. The music is incredibly lush and full, the lyrics are poignant and witty, and I was surprised by how many songs I already knew. Remember “One Night In Bangkok”? From this musical! It was over the top and wonderful. Now, I am in the market for a full recording. Anyone? Any theater geeks out there who can recommend one?

3. On Friday night Sabrina and I went to El Rayo, and then on to the movies to see The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I was kinda expecting a tepid romcom, but thank Jebus it was more like Notting Hill than Must Love Dogs. It was sweet and had a great story and it was beautifully shot (I guess in Alaska, but I don’t really know. They could have all been frolicking on green-screen for all I know). It all ended the way that you wanted it to. Plus, you know. The naked. Sandra and Ryan, in one scene, are totally naked and fumbling their way around a room full of their awkwardness. Yowza, that’s all I gots to say. First off, Sandra looks freakin’ hot for 45. Not a bulge, not a wrinkle, nothing. Secondly (and, let’s face it, most importantly) Ryan Reynolds must never eat fat or a carb or nuthing. Boy is cut and fuzzy and perfect. Sigh.


Ryan Reynolds 1

Ryan Reynolds 2

Ryan Reynolds 3

Ryan Reynolds 4

Ryan Reynolds 5

Ryan Reynolds 6

Oh, stop it Ryan. Don’t cry. I’m taken, and that’s all there is to it.

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  1. Chris2fer's Hubby says:

    Oucha magowcha!

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