Ipod, Shuffled

The College Edition

Let’s see what the ol’ Ipod random shuffle brings up today, shall we?

1. The Last Night Of The World – Miss Saigon Soundtrack

When I was in college I was dating a wonderful lady (Bec) who sang like an angel. Our friend Luke was, at the time, performing small gigs around the area, kinda acoustic-y and real singer/songwriter stuff. Anyway, for one gig he asked me and my gal to sing this duet. Which we did. At the time? GOLD! Now? Cheese. Total Velveeta. I mean, these lyrics are almost painful…

A song
played on a solo saxophone
A crazy sound, a lonely sound
A cry that tells us love goes on and on
played on a solo saxophone
It’s telling me
to hold you tight
and dance like it’s the last night of the world

2. I’ve Just Seen Jesus – Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris

When I was in my third iteration of Summer Ministries (called …A-Name-I-Cannot-Remember-Because-I-Am-Old), Janelle and I SIGNED this song as a “duet”. Yes, I performed sign language along to a recording.  I’m pretty sure, in retrospect, that this was one of the gayest things that has ever been seen. I’m just glad I stopped short of using white gloves.

3. Wild And Untamed Thing – The Rocky Horror Show

The first time I saw this movie was a midnight showing in Boston. I wore a long black cape and eyeliner. Surprisingly, I was one of the more understated ones there that night, not to mention being the most normal one of my little group of Christian college attendees. Sigh. Good times. PS – I was mortified  by the “virgin dance” balloon popping thing.

4. Man Wanted – The Copacabana Musical

During my semester in England I saw this Barry Manilow musical. Yes, you heard right. He wrote a musical. It was all about Lola and Tony and Rico and the Copacabana club and the punches and the shooting and the single gunshot and the fact that music and passion were always the fashion at the Copa. Where she lost her love. It was pretty awesome, in a over the top gay way.

5. The Music Lessons / Phantom Fugue – Phantom, the Musical

No, not by Webber. This was from a show that we did my sophomore year. It was a pretty incredible experience, really. In this song, the cast sings about the Phantom, and I run around and scare them by jumping out of boxes and out from around corners unexpectedly. Here are a few of my favorite lines. A body has just been found…

Carlotta: <Shriek!!!!>

Cholet: Joseph Buquet!

Carlotta: My costume man?

Cholet: She sent him down below!

Inspector Ledoux: Well someone has sent him …Back Up!


PPS – A big hello to Roni and Pete, who were the quintessential Carlotta and Cholet. Miss you guys!

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