Apparently I Cannot Cook

…or perhaps it is a conspiracy perpetrated at the highest echelon of the neighborhood


1. Last night I made a recipe that was touted up and down our neighborhood as the best pork recipe ever thought up. It was sung from the tops of the treetops (…Get out of my tree). Angel choirs accompanied the eating of said pork. Several ladies who ate the pork immediately turned to the Nunnery saying that they had no more need for the company of men. Yes – This pork gave orgasms. It consists of a coffee and molasses and vinegar marinade and yes, I know, it sounds gross, but it is so, so good (I was told). Lies. LIES. Either my magical cooking skills have departed or someone is playing a mean ol’ trick on the Hubby and Chris2fer. That pork was grody. GRODY. We hucked it. Grady wouldn’t even eat it. He smelled it and hid under the piano.

House Hunting

This is me, Sabrina and Hubby. I’ll let you decide who is who.

2. Sabrina sold her condo and now is on the lookout for another. It happened really quickly, so now she has that homeless look in her eyes. That sad, scared little girl who lives under the bridge in a cardboard box fending off people who are trying to steal her shoe when she falls asleep look. We viewed some condos last night that we had looked at once before, several years ago. Back then we loved them. Now? They looked kinda crappy. She is wondering if she should buy a house. And where. And for how much. I am just happy that I will have a new place to decorate.

 Disco Funk Fever

3. Is everyone in a funk? I feel like the economy tanking and Obama’s favor falling in the polls and nothing good showing on TV and house projects stacking up and friends who are going through hard times and the possibility that once again I will be promised the right to marry but it will be taken back and my lack of good exercise and my eating of processed foods and the fact that I can’t get a good cup of coffee at work and generally just needing a hug is getting me down. Anyone else?

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2 Responses to Apparently I Cannot Cook

  1. Jen says:

    I feel the same way, is it something in the air??.. Funks ALL over the place, sadness, depression it makes the days VERY LONG..
    I blame it on all of the rain…

  2. Stella's Mama says:

    I’ll hug ya….and you can hug me right back!!!

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