Random Thoughts 19

Balls & Calf Hooves

1. Hubby and I went to see Transformers II – The Rise of the Fallen 0n Friday night at the IMAX. Which, if you are going to see this robot on robot movie, is the only way to go. There are no soliloquies. It’s not art. It’s giant robots smashing the bejesus out of each other. You need to see it large and loud. I think the high point was when one giant robot was climbing the pyramid, and we got a long and lingering shot of two wrecking balls between his legs. Classy.

2. Last night we watched (netflixed) A Haunting In Connecticut. Aside from the million silly jump scares and the standard walk-quickly-by-a-doorway or appear-briefly-in-a-mirror scary guys, it was a pretty good story. The Hub had to turn away when they started cutting off the eyelids, but you know. That could get to some people.

3. We are having Chez Chris2fer appraised this afternoon to find out its value. I don’t know if we should clean or if we just let the guy walk through and then offer him cookies or something. What is the proper way to bribe an appraiser? Come on, guy! Let’s make the house worth more than we initially paid, at least!

4. I had halfway convinced myself that I should try some of the recipes from Mastering The Art Of French Cooking, simply because I enjoyed the book (Julie & Julia) so much. However, I was put off by the NASTY sounding name of some of the food, such as “Eggs in Aspic” (Oeufs en Gelée) ? Do you know that aspic is gelatin made by boiling calf hooves? And that through a series of precise and impossible movements you eventually end up with an egg surrounded by calf hoof gelatin? Yum?…

5. Aside from all the shenanigans, I do want Paula Abdul to be on American Idol. Bye bye bye, Kara.

Happy Wednesday!

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6 Responses to Random Thoughts 19

  1. peg says:

    Did you know that all gelatin is made from hoofs?
    Also did you know that the shells that cover m&ms has hoof material in it? Found that out from a vegetarian friend that will not eat m&ms for that reason. Did you know that boric acid kills ants 🙂 Did you know that aluminum foil and something else in water cleans sterling? No? Well, there ya go.
    Am soooo hoping paula goes…I want to scrape the skin off my face when she gets into one of her drug induced tongue twisting evaluations.

  2. Seana says:

    Paula takes drugs???? Wow. I can’t believe that.

  3. Seana says:

    Oh…maybe you should think about “doing” a different cookbook. How ’bout the French Laundry cookbook? Here’s someone who did it if you’re interested:http://carolcookskeller.blogspot.com/.

    Myself, I think my new quest is going to be Mark Bittman’s “101 Simple Salads for the Season” that was in the NY Times. Yeah….that’s what I’ll make and photograph…a little simpler than the FL cookbook.

    • chris2fer says:

      The French Laundry cookbook? I’ll have to look that up, although it sounds like it may be all about lavender and soap…

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