Five Islands Lobster Company

You don’t even have to take a Ferry! Although Corey did… take a fairy… Ha!

On Saturday night Corey told me that she wanted to do something fun. I informed her that merely being around me is a hoot, and what is she talking about, we always have fun, and what do you even mean by that comment, and oh my god, you’ve hurt my delicate feelings. After she finished an epic eye roll, she suggested that we head north to the 5 Islands Lobster Company for dinner. Even though I had never heard of this place, and had a sneaking suspicion that she was making it up and was taking me far away to kill me horribly in the woods, we gathered ourselves and headed to Georgetown (Just North of Baaath).

Coreyander Ipod

 Coreyander plays DJ, picking the perfect sing along songs for our trip. Air Supply with plenty of Lionel Richie, as I recall.


Daisy is the perfect passenger – quiet and shy. She is just happy to be taking the ride with us and stinking the back seat up with her breath.

Coreyander Model

I told Corey to stand like a model. And she did this. Um…

Five Islands Lobster Co.

I love the Snapple bottle artfully placed on the rocks. BTW, I erased power lines from the front of this building. I’m pretty awesome. Yeah.


Menu board

Five Islands Lobster Co.

One of the five surrounding island. I’m guessing that this is where they got their name? Yeah – I’m smart that way.

Five Islands Lobster Deck

We ate on the deck. It was a perfect evening.


You have to order your fried food in this building…


…and you order your lobster in this one. They don’t want the fried and boiled food mixin’. T’aint biblical.


I had scallops, since I think lobster is like a giant red spider who wants to eat your face. Wha? Anyway, these were perfectly breaded and came with awesome onion rings.

Tomorrow: Corey teaches you how to shell a spider lobster!

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2 Responses to Five Islands Lobster Company

  1. Coreyander says:

    I want more! More stories from Georgetown! More pics of lobsters! Quit playing hard to get Chris!


  2. Nate lane says:

    My family owns the red house over on five islands! Cool post!

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