Things I Can’t Get Enough Of Smelling

I’m very nose-centric…

1. Air Conditioning – When I was younger and didn’t have an air conditioner of my own I vividly remember going into my sister’s room (she had one (Mom and Dad love her more)) and luxuriating in the cool, humidity-free air. AC has a scent. It does! It smells a little of ozone and a little of Springtime. I guess I can’t explain it well, but I realized it when we put the AC in our bedroom this last week. I went upstairs after a long night sweating in the living room and walked into the bedroom and it reminded me of the scent of Summer.


AC Unit

2. Canary Island Banana Yankee Candle – Corey gave this to me for my birthday last month. It smells heavily of ripe bananas. Interestingly, my mother hates the taste (and therefore the smell) of bananas. There are a surprising number of people who do. The Hub likes to eat them, but not smell them. I furtively burn this when he is not home, hunkered down over the flame sniffing. Mmm.

Banana candle

3. Tommy Cologne – As I have stated before, when I was in college a friend of mine gave me a small bottle of Tommy after I had complemented him on wearing it. I recently bought a bottle of it on a whim and was surprised how good it smells. Definitely a summer cologne for life. All the women in my office have started hanging around my cube just to smell me. Yay?


4. Drakes Apple Fruit Pies – The Hub brought these home the last time he went shopping. And yes, I know that they are terrible for you. They are the Satan of snack foods. They are filled with poison that will instantly kill you in horrible ways. They will clog your arteries and give you indigestion and stop your heart. That said… If you microwave these two little golden pies for 10 seconds, the smell that they give off is pure unadulterated perfect childhood. I defy you to not think of the playground and swing sets and bagged lunch.

Drakes Fruit Pie Apple

5. Comet – The smell of Comet reminds me of Mom, and how she would use it to clean the bathroom when we were kids. Actually, it reminds me of cleaning the bathroom for my mother when I was a kid. That tub never got clean enough for her. If only we had had the Magic Eraser then.  Anyway. Comet smells like what clean should smell like – bright and white and cold. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but if you think about it, I’m right.


Haven’t you realized that I’m always right?

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5 Responses to Things I Can’t Get Enough Of Smelling

  1. Wendy says:

    Totally right on the Comet! My mom used it too!!

  2. peg says:

    “That’s the power of Lysol” or haven’t you been paying attention? Be careful or you will have this powerful older woman of color showing up at your house at odd times spewing her lysol around.

  3. Sabrina says:

    We weren’t allowed to eat fruit pies when i was a kid, so i confirm your findings. however, i do agree with your comments on both air conditioning and comet!

  4. kathy says:

    Do the Drake’s Apple Fruit Pies smell like the ones they used to have at McDonald’s? I loved those when I was a kid.

    Interesting choice of candle scents. (Figures it was a gift from Corey.) I have an obsession with any candle that smells like burning wood – Archipelago has one called Burl Wood and Henri Bendel makes one named Firewood. The latter is on my kitchen counter and I stick my face in it at least once a day. It is not lit when I do this, btw.

  5. Cindy says:

    OMG!! I still use Comet faithfully and every Saturday morning, Mom and I cleaned the whole house while listening to The Eagles play in the background! I’m not alone in my love of the smell!

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