Kon Asian Bistro Hibachi Bar

Time: 5:30pm, Thursday July 30th
With: The Hubby & Sabrina
Where: 1140 Brighton Ave, Portland, Maine

Do you remember Valle’s Steak House? Remember the awesome 70’s decor and the Kiss My Grits waitresses and the shrimp and the steak and the family reunions and the after church meals? And then, remember the crappy Chinese buffet that was there that was hot and humid and the windows were all grody? Well, both are gone. In their place sits a gorgeous, gleaming bastion of Asian food. A paragon of oriental delight. A pagoda of pomp. It is called Kon.

Sabrina, Hubby and I decided to try it out after it got several passing grades from some friends. I have to admit to some misgivings; I was still stuck with the memory of stale and humid and dirty dining. I was wrong. The outside is unassuming – a nice sign, but not too much to go on. The inside, however, is really beautiful. You are immediately dominated by a giant seated Buddha presiding over a tranquil wishing pond. The dark yet inviting bar is to your left. The hibachi tables are to your right. Ahead of you is the main seating area. Everything is rich looking. It reminds me of how the Hu Kee Lau felt when I was a kid – enchanting and mysterious. Although I normally don’t go for red and black decorating, with the blue light it was like the interior of the Emperor’s palace.

Our waitress was very sweet and let us know that they had only been open for a short time – a couple months. She was prompt and polite and was there when needed and unobtrusive when not. Perfect service. And, our food was whisked to us in almost no time.

We started with the Indian Pancakes with Curry Potato Chicken dipping sauce. The three of us are suckers for a good curry, and this was good. The pancakes were fried slightly crispy and very tasty. Almost earthy. The curry potato chicken dip was nicely seasoned and went well with the pancakes. Wonderful.

Sabrina and the Hub shared some sushi for dinner – I will let them talk about that in the comments if they wish. I don’t eat fish that isn’t cooked. It’s against my foodie religion. I got the impression that they were pleased with their food. Well, not an impression, really. I asked and they told me. I’m a feeler that way.

I ordered the Chicken Hibachi dinner. It came with smoky Miso Soup (always a favorite of mine), a Ginger dressed Iceberg Lettuce Salad (very fresh and crispy and cold), Fried Rice, Chicken, and Veggies. As we were sitting in the normal dining area it was brought to me already cooked, as separate courses. On my next visit, we’ll sit at a hibachi table for the full show. Happily, the food was wonderful even without being cooked inches in front of me. Have I mentioned that I love hibachi?

I highly recommend Kon to get your Asian fix on. It’s not pricey and I love a good themed restaurant. I think it has become my new favorite (sorry, Panda Garden!).


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6 Responses to Kon Asian Bistro Hibachi Bar

  1. Bill J. says:

    Love the review! Well written.

    Having lived in Asia for a few years, I can say that it’s quite good food……Though, I probably should tell you it’s actually pronounced “Kon” as in [CONE]…)!

    Still, and appropriate Star Trek reference. 🙂

  2. Chris2fer's Hubby says:

    Jessica and I went last night for my second visit. We had the flaming scorpion for two-a STRONG mix of liquors in what looks like a toilet bowl. Kicked my booty. I had General Tso’s Chix which was spicier than usually made in these parts. Jess had fish. The service was gay and honest-it worked for us. No doubt, it will be a regular haunt for us.

  3. peg says:

    Based entirely on your advice in this blog I and my honey went there for lunch. I only have one word for you…..O!…..M!…..G!

    Well, theoretically it is three initials but ..anyway, the food was unbelievable and the service surpassed the food if possible.

    We are so going back and thank you for letting us know Chris.

  4. Sabrina says:

    I don’t care what Bill J. says…….I will always raise my fist and scream KAAAAHHHHNNN! The sushi was very good. There was something about it that was slightly unexpected; like a twist on the same ole same ole you get at other sushi places in the area. Not that those other places are bad, mind you. I love several of the area sushi restaurants. I add Kon to my list of loves. I guess that makes me a sushi slut.

  5. very detailed post, a pleasant read

  6. Mono says:

    I used to work here. I quit after I saw them taking the used coconut shells, mango shells and pineapple shells out of the garbage, to wash them, and then use them again for the next person. The kitchen people are also illegal and are bussed in to work, and dont get paid their money.

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