Travelogue: Maryland

What a long, long, long, long trip it’s been…

Sadly, the Hub’s grandfather passed away on Friday July 31st. Coincidently on Saturday morning at 8:00am we headed to Maryland. We dropped Grady off at the spa and started out.

I really don’t mind driving to MD. Well, I say that I don’t mind driving, but actually the Hubby drives the whole way. He likes to be in control and I like to ride along singing my song (banging a gong). The drive took 13 hours. THIRTEEN  HOURS. In the car. Singing everything that my ipod decided to shuffle my way. Eating crappy food on the side of highways with stinky strangers. Stopping every couple minutes because one of us in the car has a bladder the size of an acorn. Waiting in New York City and New Jersey for the inexplicable traffic to start moving.

I have to say that the most frustrating aspect of travel for me are the meaningless and not-caused-by-reality traffic jams. You know the ones, where you are stop and go and stop and go and stop and oh! stop! and go GO! for 2 hours only to suddenly be going 75 miles an hour with no other car in sight. No accident. No freak weather. No people on the side of the road flashing their boobies or mooning people. No parades or stangely painted houses or weird roadside attractions of giant balls of string or anything. No reason. Except maybe that Gladys in the front of the line decides that she needs to ride her brake through the whole state of New Jersey because her glaucoma is acting up. Move it Gladys! We have states to fly through! And the Hub is not afraid to ride your bumper and honk his horn if he gets behind you! Whippersnapper, I tell you.

After a long day of travel we arrive at Uncle and Aunt’s house at 9 pm and step out of the car into full blazing humidity and heat. Imagine, if you will, the heaviest wool blanket that you have ever thrown off you in the middle of a once cool but now sweltering summer night. Now, take that imaginary blanket and dunk it in water until it is soaked. Stuff the blanket into the microwave and heat it up to about 100 degrees. Take out the hot wet scratchy thing and wrap it tightly around yourself. Now go about your business. THAT is Maryland in August. What a perfect time to dress up in layers and layers of clothes!

Tomorrow: The Ceremonies Commence…

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One Response to Travelogue: Maryland

  1. landofslings says:

    Yep, we were there (DC, 8/1; Solomons 8/2-3) for the sweltering too. Nary a breeze to stir the stew of heat & humidity on my parents’ side of the Patuxent.

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