Boxing Day

Packy Packerson

Sabrina is moving. Thankfully, she is only moving a couple of towns over, but the fact that she is moving is a big deal. A BIG DEAL. She has lived in her teensy (but cute!) condo for 9 years. But since she is a grown up now, she needed to get a place that had a kitchen that you could actually have two people standing in at the same time (shocking!), a bathroom that was not 2 feet from the TV area (What was that noise? …Oh), and more than one bedroom (I would LOVE to sleep on the couch in your living room, thanks!). And find one she did. Which I will tell you about. At another time.

This blog will be dedicated to chronicling the story of helping her pack. The Hub and I graciously and without thought of payback offered to help Sabs out for a few hours on Saturday. Now, Sabrina is a no frills kinda gal. If, by no frills, you realize that I do not mean that she does without anything that she wants. No. I mean no frills – if she doesn’t want to spend money on it, then she will gladly do without. Like, for instance, air conditioning.

Saturday dawned bright and cheery. And 90 degrees. Since the Hub and I do not share Sabrina’s fear of air conditioning, we have 4 of them. And since we are givers (did not want to work in un-air conditioned squalor) we gave her one of ours. We installed it in her living room and told her that the upstairs was her responsibility.

Sabrina’s Mom, Marsha (Marsha Marsha Marsha!) (…sorry) was also helping out. She bravely went upstairs to tackle the bedroom with Sabs. They would occasionally stumble down, dripping with sweat, gasping from breathing the humid fishbowl like air, blinking through a thick haze of haze and moaning about the heat. Hub and I were slightly sweating. Slightly. Which is more than I want to do unless I am actively exercising. I have been informed that this makes me a wuss. To which I say, Pbbbbbbt (that is the sound of a raspberry).

Due to the fact that Sabrina did not grow up with any air conditioners (her parents thought that being hot and uncomfortable built character) she understandably did not know the rules of running an air conditioner. Like, for instance, not to go into the un-air conditioned hallway and leave the door wide open. Or how not to stack boxes in front of the AC. Luckily I was there to inform her of the rules. She was very appreciative. As you can imagine.

Truthfully, we all got a lot done and she’s in good shape for the movers. And, she has a relatively new air conditioner to bring to her new bigger, better condo. She will thank me, I’m sure, once she realizes the joy of sleeping in comfort.

Ha! Seriously, she won’t even hook it up.

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4 Responses to Boxing Day

  1. Sabs says:

    I cannot express how grateful I am to Chris2fer and The Hub for helping me pack and for providing the resources to do it in air conditioned comfort! They are the most bestest of friends! Thank you!

  2. Stella's Mama says:

    We will wait to come view your new home until you’ve had the air conditioner running on high…24 hours a day…for one week!!!

  3. Brenda says:

    Do you remember my hot, fish-packing summer and (you)talking to me on the phone while sitting in front of an air conditioner, acting all smug while I roasted in Waldoboro? Good times.

    Sorry I haven’t responded lately(I suck) and have been sucked into my Kindle. Miss you 🙂

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