Sister Mary Martha

And Evil Rob!

On Thursday night last week Sabrina and I were going out for some Italian food and decided to stop in at Stella the puppy’s house to visit. Oh, Mary and Rob live there, too. Woops! Got to remember – people first, people first!

Our quick five minute visit to just say “hi” turned into a couple hours of conversation and laughter – isn’t it amazing how that happens with good friends? Mary threw some yummy egg rolls into the oven when we called to alert her of our dropping by. I am convinced that she is secretly Martha Stewart in disguise. I mean, who does that? She’s my hostess idol. Whenever we happen to drop in she always has adult drinks and food for us. It’s like the greatest homeless shelter ever.

Rob the Republican has been busy, too. He grew a goatee. Which, as a proud owner of a fabulous goat myself, I can appreciate, but when it is something new on a previously clean face I instantly thought that he was up to no good. “Hello, Rob”, I said, “or should I call you Rob’s EVIL TWIN?” Dun Dun Dun…

I love that my friends live close by. I love dropping in for puppy kisses and good conversation and hugs and inappropriate jokes. But most of all, I love appetizers and boozy drinks. Priorities, people.

Go visit Stella! She’s in my links, right there —->

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One Response to Sister Mary Martha

  1. Stella's Mama says:

    Awwww!!!! And we love having you drop by for puppy kisses, adult beverages and snacks!!!


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