Project Runway All Star Challenge

They Made It Work, but the picked the wrong winner…

It has been 10 months since we saw any ProRun. TEN MONTHS. Do you know how long that is in fashion time? 15 years. That’s right, fashion time is 18 months to every one month of real time. You do the math. Yowza. That is too long to wait for some Tim Gunn.

I love this premise – bring back the biggest and best from previous seasons for a refresher course on why we watch this show. And the reason, Darlings? A mixture of crazy good fashion, crazy bad fashion, and bat-crap crazy designers.

Hello Daniel! Hi Korto! Hi Sweet P and Uli! Hello Chris, my favorite! And oh yeah, hi Jeffrey and Michael. Glad you could make it. Oh, crap. Who let Santino in? Sigh.

Let’s get this out of the way. I think that we can all agree that Santino was high on something the whole time. He was the most annoying thing about the show. Shut. Up. Stop talking and laughing and making an ass of yourself. No one likes you. And your clothes suck. Even Diane Von Furstenburg said that they were “vulgar”. I know this is harsh, and I understand if it hurts your feelings. Here’s a conciliatory hug:  <HUG> …Moving on.

Tim Gunn was there in all his perfection. He looked impeccable in a suit (of course) and he said all of his signature phrases (of course) and he was just a perfect conglomeration of teacher and friend and guidance councilor and snarky queen (of course).  I want to have lunch with Tim. Hey Tim! Call me! We can have lunch in fabulous Portland, Maine and gossip about the contestants and giggle at the clothes and chuckle about how Michael Kors is supposedly a “top American designer”.

So, the designers had to create 3 (no – surprise! 4) looks in 3 days. There was the usual crying about time and fabrics and “oops I broke the surger” and “can I borrow that leather? No? Well then you suck” going on. But everyone turned it out. The designs were finished and it was a surprisingly solid collection.

I have to say that I did not agree with the judges about Sweet P’s stuff. I thought that they would rip her apart about all the silly flowers stuck here and there all over her dresses. And her Red Carpet Look was just a summer afternoon casual church picnic kinda dress. They surprised me with their praise. Even the stalactite Nina Garcia liked it. But really? Come on.

I loved Chris Marsh’s collection. I thought that it was grown up and artful and classy and fun. I loved that he used the same fabric throughout the collection – it tied it together like no one else’s. Also – he showed a little of his costume designer-ness, and I live for that. “Give me a full ballerina skirt and a hint of saloon and I’m on board.” (quick – name that movie). He was my pick for the winner.

However, Daniel won with a surprisingly activewear-ish collection. His wasn’t the collection that I would have selected to win, but I guess that is why I am not a “top American designer”. All of the judges peed themselves over his red carpet outfit. What do you think? Should he have won?

Of course, this was a perfect primer for the actual start of  Season 6. Yay!

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3 Responses to Project Runway All Star Challenge

  1. Bob C says:

    I agree that Daniel should not have won. I saw better from him during his season. I do think Korto should have won, though. Beat out by athletic tees, Oy!!!
    Tim gun is always flawless…

  2. Normandy says:

    Chris Marsh, really?! It was totally stolen from Korto. Maybe if Chris had managed to stay away a bit more…?

  3. Stellas Mama says:

    Although I find her snarky and a whiny baby….I do think Korto should have won. Active wear? Really? I think Daniel and Tim have a thing going and that’s why he won.

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