Project Runway Season 6 Ep 1

Ooo, Snarky…

The new season of Project Runway has started, finally. After a swell appetizer with the All Star Challenge, we finally got to the main meal. Here are the designers from Season 6, and some thoughts…


Hello, Crazy! Ari doesn’t like to sketch a design, she just stands on her head in order to get her thoughts moving. Me thinks Ari needs heavy meds. Designers are supposed to be eccentric, not legally insane.


Hello Suave. I delight in calling him “rrrRaah-Mahn”. He is fabulous.


Bobby McFerrin. Right?


She said that if you gave her a sheep she could make you a sweater. I think we have a new challenge, designers!


Johnny got himself off drugs = good.

Johnny uses that anecdote to get out of doing work and hog the spotlight and cry. A lot. = bad.


He’s “Straight”. <snerk>. Oh, me too…


I mean, with that name, could she have any other hair cut? She reminds me a little of Edna Mode from the Incredibles…



Malvin needs to pick a prettier Drag Queen name. I mean, Malvin? How about… Varicose. Varicose Vien.


I loved his nekkid flowy dress that he sent down the runway after a snafu with his model’s expected size. Really. Give me a flowy gown any day…


He looks like a Nicolas Putvinski.


She’s Jackee! But with terrible taste.

ShirinAltheaCarol HannahIrinaChristopher

These folks made no impression on me. Come on, people! Who am I gonna rip on?

Flowy Irina

Loved this. Shoulda won.

Johnny Red Drapy

Hated it. Looks like droopy boobs.

Loser Ari

Ari’s losing design. Bye Ari! Take your crazy and peddle it elsewhere.

Winning Dress Christopher

The winning deign, by Christopher. I actually agreed with the guest judge, Lindsay Lohan – One less ruffle at the bottom and it would have been perfect.

Imagine me, agreeing with Lohan!

PS – Thanks to Arianna Huffington for the pictures!

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3 Responses to Project Runway Season 6 Ep 1

  1. Betsy says:

    I know you’re going to shoot me, but what is Project Runway?

    • chris2fer says:

      Hmm. Well, it is a reality show starring the wonderful Tim Gunn (he’s like a gay fairy godfather. A fairy fairy god father, if you will) and the beautiful Heidi Klum (she’s a German model. She says Auf Wiedersehen all the time) and 16 wannabe fashion designers. Every week they have a challenge to design and sew an outfit, and then they all send their fashions down the runway for the judges. One of them gets kick off. It is cerebral and filled with talent and lots of strong personalities. It used to be shown on BRAVO (yay!) but is now shown on LIFETIME (boo). Youshould try to catch it!

  2. Stella's Mama says:

    I was appalled that Lindsey Lohan was a guest judge…..was Tara Reid not available? Her leggings….fake orangey spray tan….and the fact that she’s only 23….and looks like a 45 year old, thrice divorced, chain smoking, bar hag…..should have disqualified her immediately.

    And hello Nicole “Over Botoxed” Kidman!!!

    Other than the bad celebrity guests….I liked the first episode….

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