Random Thoughts 20

I did it my way…

1. I’m in a class called the Leadership In Life Institute (Lili). For our next session I have to write my own eulogy as delivered by a loved one. I picked the Hub, of course. It is not difficult for me to write my own eulogy (I have examined my life in depth, ad nauseam) but I am finding it hard not to cry while writing it. Do you think it’s hubris or just the fact that I am writing about the death of someone VERY dear to me?

2. This morning when I got out of bed the house was a little chilly. It felt WONDERFUL.

Westie Coat

3. Does anyone else love to mow the lawn? When I was a kid it was my job to cut the grass. We lived on a large piece of land, so it took me several hours. After the initial whining I found that I really enjoyed the time spent not being able to hear anything but my own thoughts while slowly walking over every inch of our property. I still get this feeling today. Zen, maybe?

bicycle lawn mower

4. This weekend we celebrate two milestones in Sabrina’s life – her birthday and the fact that she is closing on her new condo. So, congrats to Sabs for making it to 36, and congrats on finding a bigger place that is closer to me! Love ya. Next up – the decorating!

Bad Decor

5. Last night Jess stopped by because she needed a cup of coffee for a marinade. Then, a half hour later I stopped by their house for an onion. Recently I have used a snake from Matt and Erin’s house and used Matt (of Jess &) for intellectual labor. It’s like we live in a commune.  


6. I am recording a version of “My Life” to play after the reading of my Eulogy. It is Il Divo’s version (A Mi Manera). If you haven’t heard it, click here). It’s beautiful. I printed out the words, as I am singing it in English. Again, I cried my way through it. Sheesh.

Creek Cryer

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3 Responses to Random Thoughts 20

  1. Chris2fer's Hubby says:

    This morning was cool like Fall and Spring, which I love! I actually had a down blanket on last night…deelish.

  2. peg says:

    OMG, so that is you guys on the LIFE cover? Which one is you? Jess? The onion?

  3. Sabs says:

    I love the picture of the commune! That made me laugh.

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