Mr. Tim Goes Nutty

And about time, too…

Did everyone watch last weeks episode of Project Runway? Gretchen went a little power crazy and ruled her group of 6 with a tiny iron fist. Which would have been fine, I guess, if they had not created the worst fashions seen on anyone since Maude was on the air. I mean, come on…

After a masacre-ific elimination where they all threw poor Michael under the bus (and then drove over him, backed up, and drove over him again), Tim entered the waiting room and READ THOSE BITCHES THE RIOT ACT.

Click here to see Tim…

Yay Tim! I love you more and more. Please be my friend?

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One Response to Mr. Tim Goes Nutty

  1. luvflamingos says:

    He verbally snapped Gretchen in half! Loved it!!! Why did they all listen to her????

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