Sabrina’s Birthday

Lookit her boobs boots!

This past weekend we had a little gathering of like minded individuals to celebrate the fact that Sabrina came out of her Mama’s hoohoo 30-something years ago. A few of my well laid plans came to fruition, as well. It all went off without a hitch. It was hitchless. 

Plan 1: A few months past I made Sabs pose for a photo resembling a Streisand photo that I loved. And yes, that is a pretty gay thing.  She did it grudgingly, to say the least. 

Original Streisand Photo


Sabrina as Streisand


 The Hub and I had her photo blown up to portrait size,  removed one of our prints from its frame and replaced it with this. It was the hit of the party! 

Equally Mortified and Delighted!

Plan 2: Also several months ago, Sabs found out that we were going to Amsterdam on our Europe Cruise. She asked that we stopped by some fancy schmancy store to pick up some leather boots for her. Then, she actually looked at the price and thought about us having to bring them back all the way from the Netherlands and withdrew her request. We were only happy to ignore that. Except, of course we didn’t. 

We fooled her by giving her silly “wooden shoe” slippers as her birthday gift, thrown into a Hannaford bag like we just didn’t care. She, being the nice person that she is, loved them. Then, later, I whipped out the gorgeously wrapped (by the Hub) present and she tore it open to see the MANSFIELD box that we carefully schlepped back from afar. I do believe that there was a tear in her eye. 

The Wooden Shoe Slippers


The Moment of Joy. Also, Mary's Joy!


The Most Precious Gift of Fashion


We were all ecstatic that they fit. Especially Mary.


Fancy Boots


Grady, Johanna, Sister Kristin, Sabrina, Mary & Rob


And finally, there is this: 



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One Response to Sabrina’s Birthday

  1. luvflamingos says:

    I think she was weeping…..and apparently you could have save yourself a few $$$ and just given her the pink dutch slippers!!!

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