Reality Bites

It truly does.

On Friday night Sabrina and I had dinner out at Sillys (awesome) and then headed back to Chez Chris2fer to make popcorn on the stove and watch a seminal movie from college, Reality Bites.

I had netflixed (when did this become a verb? The same time as “googled”?) it years ago and kept moving it down my queue because although I wanted to experience it again, there were other things I wanted to see more. Well, I must not have been paying attention cause BOOM, it appears in my mailbox. Did you like how I added drama to that sentence? …BOOM! Did it again.

When I put it in I was flooded with thoughts of college and being young and care free and young. College is that perfect clueless time in your life when you accrue incredible debt with no thought of repayment since you assume that you will land an obscenely high paying job doing something awesome and exciting the day after you graduate with your degree in “General Studies” or somesuch. Ah, stupidity. How I miss you.

Anyway. After the initial blush of seeing Janeane Garofalo and Winona Ryder and Steve Zahn and Ethan Hawke and Ben Stiller flooded my system and the endorphins of remembered vitality subsided, I was shocked to be feeling decidedly ‘meh’ about said reality and how it bites. I no longer felt that this movie totally got it right, man.

The stealth gay, The whiny girl, The awesomeness, The answer to the oil crisis

I mean, was there shampoo in 1994? You could wring out Ethan’s hair. How is that attractive? And why did I ever agonize about his relationship with Winona? Come on! She whines. Constantly. Thank goodness that Janeane G was there to lighten it all up. Oh, except for the AIDs scare. Which we all knew she wasn’t going to get. And Steve Z was gay, but you only knew cause he told you. Lost subplot! Plus? Everyone stop whining! Yes, you need to get a job to pay the bills. What, exactly,  did you learn in college? And you were the valedictorian?

It helps me sleep at night to think that it is just gobs of gel

My allegiance shifted from the unwashed stoners to the guy with a job and the emotional maturity. Ben Stiller had it all together in that movie, and where I used to think that he was just a sell out, I now think that Winona was silly to blow him off. Really, Win? You pick greasy hair no earning potential over super nice wealthy guy? Who would treat you like gold? Really?

Due to my viewing I have learned 3 things:

1. I have matured, grown up, become stable. I no longer see the allure of the greasy bad boy.

2. Not all things that are remembered fondly hold up to the test of time. You would think that I would know this by now.

3. Janine Garofolo’s awesomeness is still unquestioned, though now slightly tarnished, as she was 29 at the time of this movie, and should have known better.

To wit: Skip the reviewing. Remember college with your rose-colored glasses on.

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4 Responses to Reality Bites

  1. Sister says:

    But PFLAG made it worth it right? Did that at least make you giggle?

  2. BrendaM says:

    I remember going to see this at Wolly Theatre w/DaveH and Co. I recall being pissed then because it was supposed to be about our generation, but it was sooo NOT!

    However, I still watch when it’s on cable. Now it just makes me feel old.

  3. Katja Rowell says:

    Twinkies. Did not stand the test of time. Ethan Hawke is also aging way worse than Ben Stiller. Never got the appeal of Winona Rider. Thanks for the review! Good soundtrack though, no?

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