The Big Gay Baltic Sea Cruise – The Departure

Day 1

The Hub walked into the house in November of last year and after a couple of minutes of chat that was specifically designed to lower my defenses he blurted out that he wanted to go on a Big Gay Cruise to the Baltic Sea. As my first instinct when asked to spend loads of money on something intangible is to say no and it appeared that he really REALLY was serious, I told him that I would have to think about this before giving an answer. 

I pondered the thought of thousands of gay men all aboard a boat gayly bopping through the Baltic Sea. I pondered the sites that we would see (both on and off the boat). I pondered if we could afford the price. And finally, I pondered how cool this trip would be. So yes, we paid the price and signed up. 

We worked out for 8 months and we lost over 100 pounds put together and bought TONS of clothes and costumes and suddenly, it was July 27th and we were headed to Boston to grab an IcelandAir flight to the Baltic Sea (via Reykjavik)! 

PS – Yes, we booked prior to the Eyjafjallajokull eruption and yes, we have never paid as much attention to a natural disaster before IN OUR LIVES. It stopped erupting 2 weeks before we left. 

We are both very tall guys and I laid down the law – I was not going to cram myself into a coach seat for the 12 hour flight (well, 6 and 6 really, due to the layover in Reykjavik) so we upgraded to Business Class. As Usher says, OMG, it was awesome. Plus, we got to use the Executive Lounges at all the airports! 

This was the Executive Lounge in Boston. It was actually the Virgin Atlantic lounge, but Iceland Air used it too. Everything was free. Free food, free full bar, free freshbaked cookies. But the best part? Private superclean bathrooms!

This is a sample of the food in the lounge. Lobster salad, shrimp cocktail, and an artisan sandwich. Also, as I mentioned before: FREE.

A package containing all this stuff was waiting on our giant seats on the plane. There is a mirror to check for boogs, an eye mask for sleeps, handcream for the dry air, earplugs to (temporarily) silence the screaming children, lip balm for soft kisses, a toothbrush for not-nasty kisses, and black socks.

Our TVs popped out of the arm rests. We could watch one of ten movies, loads of tv shows (Family Guy pictured) or even listen to hundreds of CDs! Awesome. When I was a kid all we could do to pass the time on board was scream to annoy the other passengers.

This was the "Saga Class" menu. Those in coach had to actually buy their snacks. We got a menu! With "Tum Yum" and "Blackeradur Lax". Mmm. Blackeradur.

I ordered the chicken salad. Or, as the Icelanders call it, Kjuklingasalat med ristudem graskersdraejum og jogurt-ostasosu.

This is the view over Iceland. The clouds look amazing. Plus, hello Moon!

Anecdote: The stewardesses all spoke fluent Icelandic, but very not-fluent English. They tried though. At one point the Hub got so flustered at a Stewardess as she tried to speak to us that he blurted out “Si !”. Oh, Hub. Still making me chuckle 7 years in…

Tomorrow: Copenhagen!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Cant wait for more 🙂

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