The Big Gay Baltic Sea Cruise – Copenhagen

Day 2 

Once we landed in Copenhagen and went through “customs” (there wasn’t anyone stationed there, you just walked through an aisle if you wanted to declare anything or not. I guess it was the honor system, or perhaps they wanted us to yell out whatever contraband we were bringing in…) we grabbed a cab and headed to our hotel, “The Square”. 

Because we arrived in the country at 6am their time, we had booked the room for the night before, too. It was fun trying to explain to the clerk that yes, we wanted to pay for the night that had just passed ’cause we wanted to go to bed right now, thank you. 

This is the largest bed that they offer. It was 2 cots pushed together. There was a fluffy strip on top of both cots. That was the "comforter". It was like sleeping under a scarf. Also - no sheets. Crazy Copenhagians.

This is the view out of our room, onto the Town Hall Square. That building is the Town Hall. There was a little American Indian band playing flutes along to recorded music. American Indians in Copenhagen.

This is the main drag in Copenhagen. Note the very Copenhagese restaurant there to the right. Between the American Indians and the BK, we could have been in Pittsburg or something.


While walking around the city we happened upon a boat tour. Why not, said we. This is our charming hostess. Her name was Bergitte. Maybe. Or maybe I just made that up. Either way. Every time we rode under a bridge she made us duck our heads. There was an amazing lack of safety here. Or, maybe they just aren't as afraid of being sued as in America.


Heading out…


I love steeples. This one was wonderfully twisty.

It turned out that the steeple was made of the tails of four intertwined dragons. It was a dragon church. Like in a fantasy novel. I fully expected a wizard and an elf maiden and a knight and a dwarf to walk out, beginning their quest to steal back the Orb of Fairygramaton. Right? Am I right?

We passed this statue of David. Is the real one this big? He’s a big boy. Kinda. Achem.

The Copenhagen Opera House. I love how stunning this building is.

Amalienborg Palace. We popped in and saw the royal family. They say hi, BTW.

Another awesome steeple. You can walk around the outside of this one. Again with the complete lack of safety. Also, hi lady!

The famous Little Mermaid statue. Oh, wait. It is on loan to Japan. You can see it on that screen. Oh wait, you can't. You can go online when you get home and see it. Sigh.

The lovely city of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is truly a beautiful city. It really started to sink in that we were on another continent, gazing at buildings that were older than America. Other than trying to deal with the crazy kroner vs. dollar conversion, we had a great time. 

Monday: We depart! 

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2 Responses to The Big Gay Baltic Sea Cruise – Copenhagen

  1. jess says:

    Love the name, of course. I eagerly await the next compelling installment of BGC.

  2. Peg says:

    Yes, I can see why you have a fascination with….’steeples’

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