The Big Gay Baltic Sea Cruise – Ship Fun

Every day these would appear on our bed after our stewards tidied up. The largest one was the schedule of the day. There were a couple things to do at any given hour. The long one was our breakfast menu - if you filled it out and hung it on your door by 2 am they would wake you with a full breakfast. It was to die for.

The Auditorium. Since the boat held 2500 passengers and there were only 1500 guys (and 22 ladies), and since they performed every show two times per night, we never had bad seats. This is where we saw the main performers, and also the Holland America singers. Yay! Broadway! ...ish.

They performed 3 different shows during our time at sea. The singers were actually very good. And so, so gay. They kept saying that they loved that this was a gay cruise and they could just be themselves. Here, the lead sings some gay song, while exploding into blue fragments.

See? They are serenading us with "Guilty". Two guys! And you better believe the audience Ate. It. Up.

Vogue. See the lovely "ladies".

Random giant drag queen with full beard!

There were several themed parties (that started at 11pm!). There was a Kit Kat Club party, a Kings and Conquerors party, and a White Party on the last night. This is my outfit...

Tomorrow: The Special Guests and Performers

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