The Big Gay Baltic Sea Cruise – St. Petersburg

Day 6 – The Church of the Spilled Blood

I know that I am going out of order on the days. I hope that those of you who have OCD have been taking your Anafranil and can cope. Ha ha.

On our first day in St. Petersburg we stopped at the Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood, probably the building I most wanted to photograph in St. Petes. I mean, could it be more Russian? Tzar Alexander the Second was assassinated on this spot, and those in power decided to build a church on the site to commemorate it. 

It is hard not to be humbled by the romantic architecture outside coupled with the stunning mosaic work inside. Keep in mind when viewing these pictures that everything inside is indeed mosaic, and not painted. 

This was our first sight of the church, approaching it from the front. Isn't it so very Russian?

This shows the scale of the interior. It didn't cover much ground, but it made up for it by touching heaven.


The center pinnacle...

A close up. Jesus, blessing.

Angels in the Heavens


The Firmament

Outside there was a man with 2 monkeys...

...and a parrot.

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2 Responses to The Big Gay Baltic Sea Cruise – St. Petersburg

  1. Katja Rowell says:

    that building is INSANELY gorgeous. I always imagine the poverty contrasting the riches when I see such places (mostly with church/state establishment.) All the gold in the vatican in the middle ages… Anyway, just beautiful! Pretty crazy that it all survived history intact.
    Those photos would look stunning blown up in a black frame… Cool.

  2. TJ Travel says:

    There is over 7500 square meters of mosaics in the church. After World War II it was used as a warehouse to store vegetables 🙂

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