Work is Hard, and Other Stories…

  1. For some reason work is particularly crazy lately. I love my job and I work for a great company in an awesome department, but sometimes I dream about being independently wealthy. Why oh why weren’t my parents billionaires so I could inherit tons of money and blow it being a celebutard and making crappy decisions that my money could get me out of?
  2. Yesterday the Hub and I had the fam over for lunch to celebrate Mom’s birthday. Last year we threw a giant 40s and 50s themed party to celebrate Mom’s 60th and Dad’s 70th. This year, just a lunch. But, I did make this old recipe for Sweet and Sour chicken. Not chinese food, but more like it came from Betty Crocker in the 50s. It rocked. I was going to give you a play by play with the recipe, but I forgot to take pictures at the right times, and what’s the point of that?
  3. We need a new mattress, and are considering a memory foam one. Thoughts? Is it the magical cure-all that some decry it to be? Does it cause crippling pain just by looking at it, much less putting any part of your body on it? Let me know, foam users.
  4. This is one of my favorite photos of Mom (from the 80s, obviously) for several reasons:
  • My Mom had just had a perm, and the 80s Annie look was totally in.
  • She made those curtains, which were and continue to be awesome, no matter what you say.
  • The kitchen was peach colored.
  • Decorative pans.
  • Dark wood half paneling.
  • Look how pretty she is!

Mom, permed, in blouse.

Love you Mom.

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5 Responses to Work is Hard, and Other Stories…

  1. jess says:

    I hate the memorry foam portion of our mattress. My two cents. . .

  2. BMaines says:

    Cute pic of your mum 🙂 Such a sweet lady.
    My mattress was bugging me awhile ago and I fixed it with a squishy feather bed. Love snuggling into that, especially in the winter!

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