Everyday when I am waiting for my work computer to boot I draw a superheroine. Yes, I own my dorkiness. I have reclaimed it and now am proud of it. Step off.

Today, I drew Firestar from the seminal 80s cartoon Spiderman And His Amazing Friends.


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3 Responses to Firestar

  1. Kelly says:

    I remember in college you drew me as a super heroine. Good times! Let’s just say it was a very “flattering” picture!

  2. luvflamingos says:

    Silly me….I thought you had drawn a picture of me!!! I have that exact same outfit.

  3. BrendaM says:

    🙂 always used to watch that show with my brother. That would be a kick ass Halloween costume! Ooooh! Kick Ass, great movie!

    Random thoughts by B. Handy…

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