Diesel Gas

…Saved Our Lives

On Friday our oil company was supposed to come and put oil in our tank. You know, for heat. Grady complains if we let it go below 60 (whatever, whiner). But, they called and let George know that they could not make it until Monday. No problem! Except – whoops! Our oil tank runs out at just below 1/8th of a tank. (Side Note: does this mean that we have just less than 1/8th of a tank of sludge at the bottom? Ew.) So how much oil did we have left?

Of course when I got home from work I ran downstairs to nervous-nelly check the oil level because I was wondering if we were going to make it through the weekend. I was worried that we would freeze to death in our sleep when the oil puttered out and that we would be eaten by wild dogs and/or Grady. That’s reasonable, right? No? Hmm. You obviously have not seen Grady when he is chilly. Ga-Rumpy. Anyway, back to the story. Can you guess how much oil we had? Just about 1/8th.  So, of course, I calmly assessed the situation and handled it like an adult. Wait. No, I didn’t. I panicked and made plans for my viewing and funeral. Closed casket, due to the tiny Westie teeth marks on my face.

Suddenly, the siren call of the internets made its way through my hysterical over-reacting and good ol’ reliable Google answered my query. What else can I add to my oil tank in an emergency? Oh, Diesel. What’s that, internets? Did you say DIESEL? Yes, Diesel fuel from the gas station around the corner. Why is this a secret? So, George went to Aubuchon and bought a gas tank, and three trips to Sunoco later we were halfway to a quarter tank.

Not this kind of Diesel. Although, he would probably keep us warm, too.

Why does no one know this trick? Yes, it is more expensive than heating oil, but it is scads cheaper to buy 15 gallons of diesel than to pay the oil company’s “Emergency Delivery (silly negligent homeowner) Fee” of $150.

So there you are. We will never again pay for an emergency fill up. All thanks to the miracle of the internets.

…And my fear of being eaten by my 18 pound dog.

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2 Responses to Diesel Gas

  1. BrendaM says:

    Nice tip. And nice pic. Ummm, yeah 😉

  2. stef says:

    the joys of being a homeowner!! glad I’m still renting for now, they get to deal with it!

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