But where’s Bit?

Remember 1982? I do. I was in second grade, going to elementary at Lincoln school across the street from my house, hanging out with my church buddies Matt and Jason and Chris and Chris. (Yes, we were the three Chris’s. Bonus points if you can remember our last names.) My teacher was Mrs. Searway, my pants were corduroy (slim fit!) and my grouping was nerd. Back then it was still stigma-y. Good times.

My mother always tried to make my birthday parties something special. One year we took a group of kids to Funtown. One year we had a McDonaldland celebration. And one fancy year we partied at the Ground Round. (Not a banner year, no.) But this particular year we had a sleep over in our living room and watched crappy-awesome science fiction. And the centerpiece of said fete, the piece de resistance, was the sci-fi spectacular Tron.

Tron was futuristic and mind-blowing for a 8-year-old. I mean, they went INSIDE a computer! And they were all glowy and slim. And they fought on light bikes and with shiny frisbee. Since that day whenever I throw a frisbee, I imagine that it is a disk from Tron. Geek, I know.

It's bad that I want this, right? Would you still talk to me?

The supreme bad guy was the Master Control program. He was a giant red spinning computer head. Excellent! There was a journey and a minor bad-guy to defeat and a massive final battle and the good guy got the girl. It was everything that an 8-year-old would want (aside from the girl thing).

What? It was cool in 1982!

Yesterday Mom and I went to see Tron Legacy. I know that there have been detractors out there who don’t like this movie. To them I say: you are not the demographic. The demo for this movie is exactly who I am. The target demographic saw the movie in the 80s and loved it, and want to see more of the world inside the computer. Yes, the de-aging of Jeff Bridges is a tish creepy. Yes, we never see Tron’s face. But come on. Light cycles! Disk throwing! Computer battles, and a religious-creator allegory. It’s all there.

I want to love this movie so badly that I am willing to overlook all of the minor glitches and focus on the gorgeous world building and the fun journey story and the awesome clothes and I would totally wear.

Also, and as a final note, when Flynn’s son Sam goes into the old arcade and turns the power on, these familiar strains pump out into the theater. I defy you not to get excited. PS – Turn it way up.

Separate Ways

PPS – Bruce Boxleitner is still crazy hot.

Bruce Then

Bruce Now - Still foxy, Scarecrow!

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One Response to Tron-y

  1. BrendaM says:

    OMG, Bruce! Loved him! Married to Melissa Gilbert. Apparently, even she had a crush on him and had his picture in her locker.

    How’s your mum and dad, btw? My mother was asking how they were the other day.

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