Frog And Turtle, Take Two

Fancy Burger!

Last week Susan, George and I were gadding about town, running errands and making our requisite trip to Target and Starbucks when dinner time rolled around, as it is wont to do almost every day. Rather than go home and broil a chicken breast we decided to go to Frog and Turtle so that I could accomplish my entry into the BLOGGER ROUNDUP OF DESTINY, fancy burger edition. I know, I am very special.

I had been to F&T once before, the weekend that they opened. The place had definitely changed for the better. It seemed more open and breathable, if you know what I mean. I think that when F&T opened they were having a bit of an identity crisis, trying to be one thing (fancy pants) when they were really another (good food, classic environment). Thankfully, they have settle down to their lot in life. Well done and welcome to post adolescence, Froggy T.

I ordered the french onion soup, which came highly recommended by our lovely waitress, Flo (I can’t remember her real name). Unfortunately, she came back a few minutes later and told me “Kiss Mah Grits”. Not really. She told me that the French onion soup had surrendered (ha!) and been replaced with chicken-onion-bacon soup. OK, I’ll have that.

In the meantime we had lovely warm brown bread and butter, which really is all I need from a bread course. Mmm. Buttery.

So, I had my soup. I was so excited! Bacon soup, right? Well, not so much. I think that the French onion soup wasn’t selling, so the chef threw some chicken and bacon into it. I wouldn’t have minded it the bacon had been crispy, or the soup had been tasty, but it wasn’t. Ah well. I sent it back.

I ordered the Frog and Turtle burger with bacon, Gruyère, and sauted onions. I notified Flo that I would be needing more than the normal thimble full of ketchup that I got last time. She laughed at my story and told me that they don’t serve it like that anymore. Yay! I felt like Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2, in the diner, remember? When she really wanted ketchup? No? Come on! Must see movie, if only for the Sex Ed song. Moving onward.

The burger was awesome. First off, the bun was grilled lightly brown. It was buttery and crispy and soft. The bacon was deliriously crispy. And there were 3 whole pieces! The Gruyère was melted and drippy and savory. The onions were brown and sweet. And the burger? It was cooked perfectly medium rare. Pink in the middle. Mmmm.

The onion rings were nicely seasoned. Not too overpowering, but subtly salty and peppery in a homemade batter. Also, order their homemade barbecue sauce. Mmm dippage. I asked what was in it, but she told me it was a F&T secret and she’d have to cut me if she told me. Spicy!

Final thoughts: I have heard that some of the apps are hit or miss. So far I have missed, but I plan to keep trying. The burger was worth it. Go and experience it. Tell ’em Chris sent ya! (You’ll get nothing but confused looks, but wee!)

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3 Responses to Frog And Turtle, Take Two

  1. Rebecca says:

    Have I mentioned how much I love your blogs?

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