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  1. Fred says:

    Hey Chris,
    I was just on and saw you posted some pics of Sandi Patty!! That is so awesome that you had those pics of her. I am a big huge fan of hers. Do you have any other pics of her from years past?? I would love to see more.


  2. John says:

    Hi, I left a posting on the entry discussing Sandi Patti (Patty) on the CD “Jesus Shall Reign.” Just wanted to leave another comment as I’ve enjoyed your blog. For much of my adolescence I figured I was the only gay boy who loved Sandi Patti (she was “Patti” then), though I know better now! If you’re interested in comparing SP catalogues and trading, I’m happy to do so! John

  3. Rusty says:

    Hi Chris, read your blog and am always highly entertained. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Wanted to tip you off to a place in town you may not be aware of. My partner & I own a home and garden shop named Terra Potta. A fun place with all kinds of fun things. We were located on Market Street but have just moved to 17 Pleasant Street (right behind Yosaku Restaurant) and between High Bombay and Artemesia. Come check it out and tell your friends about it. Think you and everyone will enjoy it! Hope your back is better! Thanks.

  4. Irwin says:

    just read your articles and must say that you are a excellent writer.
    Keep up the good work

  5. Holly says:

    Hello, A friend of mine was led to your blog while looking for flower show pictures.
    She noticed that you love the Gnome Door!! My Dad made that particular one and I sell a variety of Gnome doors in all sizes and finishes along with Gnomes. Should you be interested in one – my shop is Whimsical Living – 14 Oak Hill Rd., Standish, Maine 04038 (207)642-1001 I am open 104pm Weds – Saturday.

    Wonderful pictures,

    Thanks for your attention to the above,


  6. Barry says:

    Do have more pics of you and Hub? Where are you living?

  7. Amanda says:

    Stumbled onto your blog when looking for a restaurant review and curiously started reading. I’ve never read a blog. EVER. But then I was scrolling through enjoying your witty comments and saw him. Those dark, inquisitive eyes, the shaggy white fur. Your a Westie owner!!! I knew then you were a great guy. I have a little girl whom I adore (like all of us do). Anyways, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and think they’re hilarious. Keep up the good work!


  8. Au says:

    Hi Chris!

    I came across your blog when I was searching about rosary. I must say that your write ups are interesting…very expressive.

    Keep your fire burning. God bless!

  9. Edward says:

    Hi Chris.
    I was googling for someone and your bog came up!
    And I noticed the westie there on the page.
    Is that your puppy?
    I have 2 Westies, dad named Brighton -6 and his daughter named Mutiara – 3
    We live in San Francisco!
    And it’s Pride SF today!

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